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Release Notes (momentan noch unvollständig): http://www.x-plane.com/?article=x-pl...-release-notes

Und die erwartete Warnung: http://developer.x-plane.com/2016/06...ghtly-on-fire/

With any early beta of a major patch, I suggest that early adopters install it on a copy of their X-PLane folder and not the one they use to fly. This goes double for 10.50 because Jennifer, our Q/A head, is out of the office on a road trip. She was able to do a little bit of checking and we’ve tried to spot check it, but this release is more like the beta process from two years ago and not like 10.40 or 10.45. I suspect we’ll have the early stuff knocked out in a week.

There are already a few dumb bugs that have popped up: for some reason taxi lines are totally missing. I’m not sure when that happened because they were around for most of the beta. I’m also looking at a crash that JAR Designs sent me that looks like it could be pretty destabilizing (e.g. I broke the rendering engine). So…consider yourself warned.
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