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Bernd Mehl
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Standard Stellenausschreibung "ATC Academy Manager"

Die ATC Academy ist auf der Suche nach einem neuen Manager:

VATEUD is looking for a new ATC Academy Manager

The ATC Academy Manager is responsible for the virtual ATC Academy in Cyprus and for all divisional examiners and instructors. The ATC Academy is a part of VATEUD that has been made to help smaller vACC’s to grow up and make them stable. The Academy supports these vACC’s with instructors and examiners to make sure ATC training is continuing in the area.

The duties of the ATC Academy Manager:

· Provide divisional instructors and examiners to vACC’s for training and CPT’s.
· Assisting vACC’s within the VATEUD vACC Support
· Responsible for Instructor Manual / Academy

The applicant must meet the following requirements:

· Hold a C1 or C3 rating (excluding administrative ratings as assigned)
· Must be at least 18 years of age
· Previous experience in a position of responsibility
· Demonstrable leadership experience and ability
· An understanding of ATC training and experience
· A pragmatic and diplomatic approach to problem solving, yet resilient in character
· Must a be a member in good standing on VATSIM
· Fluent in the English language

Please send your application with a brief CV to atc@vateud.net until December the 20th 23:59 UTC.
Should you have any questions, regarding the position, feel free to contact the VATEUD ATC Department on atc@vateud.net.
Deputy RG München | VATSIM Supervisor
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