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Mal schaun - ich hab immernoch Outerra was mir Hoffnung macht, weil die Entwickler konzeptionell gute Ansätze aufgegriffen haben und schon echt schicke Fortschritte zu sehen sind. Wer das neueste Video noch nicht kennt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf8YQ9WSdiw

Making of video

It consumed three music tracks, and it consists of three main parts as well:
- landing at Lukla, a short fly over and then a take off with mountain scenery views
- approaching and landing at a fictional airport built at the edge of Lesser Himalayas
- driving Tatra truck to a log cabin in woods on a nearby hill

A simple LAN networking was added to make the scenes where two vehicles can be seen moving: two Cessna planes in Lukla, a Cessna flying over the truck in the second part and finally two trucks in the last part.
The network connects up automatically whenever the other machine is reachable. It led to several surprising encounters when we were each just debugging and tuning our code, suddenly seeing the other one go by, like when one was working on the pavements in Lukla and while the other suddenly showed up, training the landing at the airport. It was quite a refreshment during the development.

Otherwise the making of the video resembled real movie making - each scene was taken several times from various angles, capturing two video streams in each run. There was probably 20 times more material taken than used for the final scene. Not counting those shots where we forgot to adjust sun position chosen for given location.

The video shows the current state of engine, and given that it's still in an alpha stage there are some noticeable bugs. Bear in mind that we aren't scenery designers so basically everything you see there is programmers art.
M$ und Aerosoft tendieren stark dazu hübschanzuschauendes Spielzeug zu produzieren, mit den problematischen Einschränkungen, die wir alle kennen - braucht man ja nur mal die Physikengine anschauen und mit xplane vergleichen. Mal schaun wo der Mainstream hindrückt - Welten lassen sich normalerweise ja verbinden...

"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about!"

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