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Standard [Mar 25th] UK Midlands RTS VFR Butterfly Run

Zitat von vatsim-forum

To celebrate the coming of spring and emergence of flying creatures everywhere, Midlands RTS presents the VFR Butterfly Run.

Explore the small airfields around the fringes of the Midlands region on Sunday 25th March, flying light VFR aircraft between 10 fully staffed fields between 1700z-2100z (1800-2200BST)

To add some spice to the event, pilots are able to collect ‘chaos’ clues from the ‘clue controller’ (EGBE_Q_APP) when you land at one of the ‘clue’ airports. Each clue you are given will aid towards you correctly identifying the answer; a UK airfield. When you think you have made the right connection you head for Coventry airport to log your answer!

All pilots making the correct link will be lauded within the community at the end of the event! Simple, or so it may seem!

Starting Airports
In light of the large amounts of traffic expected, we ask pilots to start at one of the following airfields which will be staffed:

Derby (EGBD) [A/G Radio frequency 118.35 – callsign “ Derby Radio”]
Wellesbourne Mountford (EGBW) [AFIS frequency 124.02 – callsign “Wellesbourne Information”]
Shobdon (EGBS) [A/G Radio frequency 123.50 – callsign “Shobdon Radio”]
Turweston (EGBT) [A/G Radio frequency 122.17 – callsign “Turweston Radio”]
Leicester (EGBG) [A/G Radio frequency 122.12 – callsign “Leicester Radio”]
Kemble (EGBP) [AFIS frequency 118.90 – callsign “Kemble Information”]

Clue Airports
You can only collect clues from the following list of airfields:

Gloucester (EGBJ) [ATC frequency 128.55 – callsign “Gloster Tower”]
Wolverhampton (EGBO) [AFIS frequency 123.00 – callsign “Wolverhampton Information]
Sywell (EGBK) [AFIS frequency 122.70 – callsign “Sywell Information”]
Nottingham (EGBN) [A/G Radio frequency 134.87 – callsign Nottingham Radio]

Please note
1. You will only get a clue if you land and vacate the runway; you will then be asked to contact the ‘clue controller’ on EGBE_Q_APP who will check that you are where you say you are (!) and then send the clue to you by private message.

2. You cannot pick up a clue with a touch and go, nor if you start at one of these airports.

3.You can pick up a clue after vacating the runway and then request taxi for a departure.

Radar controllers will be available to provide Flight or Radar Information Services between airports.

Coverage is as follows (if Wellesbourne Mountford – EGBW- is taken as the centre of a 40nm circle):

Birmingham – North-West quadrant – ATC frequency 118.05 – callsign “Birmingham Radar”
East Midlands –North-East quadrant - ATC frequency 134.17 – callsign “East Midlands Radar”
Coventry –South-East quadrant – ATC frequency 122.00 – callsign “Coventry Radar” (NB Primary only radar)
Gloucester –South-West quadrant – ATC frequency 128.55 – callsign “Gloster Radar” (NB Primary only radar)

To Win
To achieve order out of chaos you need to make the link between the clues you obtain at each of the clue airports, and then fly to Coventry airport in the middle of the region. Once you are parked up as directed by the tower controller you can log your answer (Airfield plus ICAO) to EGBE_Q_APP who will note your answer against your callsign, your name, the time it is logged and give you a reference number. Only one answer can be logged by each pilot so be certain before you do! At the close of the event the correct answer (and how the clues connect) will be published along with the callsigns/names of those who achieved order out of chaos and when they managed it!

Pilots: Please ensure you are clear as to how the various airfield services work (A/G Radio and AFIS). Procedures and phraseology for airfields with these services are not the same as for larger aerodrome control services. For a guide to how these services work download AFISO and A/G Procedures, available from the downloads section of the Vatsim-UK website.

This event has taken many weeks of planning by the Midlands team and looks set to be a great evening, so let’s not disappoint and let the best pilot win!
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