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Standard [So, 18.03. / VATEIR] St. Patricks Day Event 2007

VATeir are pleased to announce that we will be holding our annual "St. Patrick's Day Event" on Sunday the 18th of March, commencing at 18:00 zulu time, and finishing up at 00:00z.
This is VATeir's busiest event of the year, and we will have all our main airports fully staffed, as well as full Shannon FIR/UIR Control.
Please take a moment to read the following information about the various airports and procedures that will be in use.

For this event we will have 2 Radar positions open at Dublin (plus a holding controller) along with a final approach controller. The Radar positions will control traffic up to FL245 inside the DUB_CTA. Pilots are also asked to be fully able to carry out holding procedures at designated holding areas.

These including:

It is essential that pilots are able to fly holding patters at these locations as when traffic reaches its peak it will be expected that each pilot will be asked to hold.
It is very important that pilots who have the Dublin Scenery (from IFSD - DISABLE the "Dublin City Scenery", as this may cause Flight Sim lockups while flying over the south side of the city.

Cork/Shannon and the Regional Airports
Both Cork and Shannon will have APP and TWR online, with GND positions coming online if needed.
As ATCO numbers permits we may open a regional tower during the event to allow pilots a chance to experience what Ireland has to offer in the smaller airport category. There are a number of VA's who will be using the regional airports during the event so it might be worth having a look for yourself!

Shannon Control
We will have 2 Shannon Control positions open also (EISN_CTR/EISN_L_CTR) to handle traffic. The majority of traffic heading to Cork and Shannon will stay with EISN_L_CTR and mainly Transatlantic Traffic with EISN_CTR.

Scenery for the majority of Irish Airports are available from: IFSD Scenery
Charts for ALL Irish Airports are available from: IAA AIP

Finally, we as that all pilots intending on flying to the event visit our dedicated St. Patrick's Day Event site at
Finally we would extend our invitation for all pilots to join in this event, and hope to see you on Sunday the 18th of March!

The VATeir Team

von Stephen Naughton, VATeir VACC Director
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