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VFR-Ecke Alles rund um's VFR-Fliegen

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Standard [English] VATSIM Germany's VFR Tuesday

Every Tuesday is "VFR Tuesday": a weekly on-line day.

What's that?
Tuesday evenings, between 2000 and 2200 local time (1800 to 2000 UTC April-October, 1900 to 2100 UTC November-March), German VATSIM controllers open up some of the smaller airfields for VFR traffic. Like a traveling show, VFR Tuesday visits a different area in Germany each week.

Can I come, too?
VFR traffic in Germany may be done both in English or German. Thus, VFR Tuesday is, of course, open to any pilot on the VATSIM network. Just pick your favorite aircraft---it does not have to be the Cessna 172, but that will certainly do. Remember that the airfields are small and 5,700 kg maximum take-off weight is usually the limit in reality. In many cases, a few larger airports are also open in the particular area.

Where does it take place?
While we visit a different region each week, the regions themselves are relatively fixed. We have compiled a list of 14 such regions. In most cases, freeware scenery is available for the airports we have selected for the regions. Usually, you can visit all the airports of one region during the two to three hours of VFR Tuesday, combining legs of short to medium length. Additionally, those pilots who like to do long-distance VFR flights will have the chance to fly from one area to the next: between 1930 and 2030 local time, an airfield belonging to the area of the previous week will be open.

OK, I'd like to come. Where do I get the details?
  • The list of regions is given below. The numbers refer to the map that should give you a rough idea of the areas visited.
  • Freeware sceneries are available for most of the airfields, at least for FS2004. The attached PDF lists the airfields in each region and links to scenery files.
  • Which airfields will be open on a given Tuesday depends, of course, on controller availability. Staffing is coordinated and announced in this board, check for the thread with the respective date in the title.
  • Charts for the airfields may be found via our homepage Members of VATSIM Germany have access to the VFR approach charts, thanks to Jeppesen Sanderson Inc.
  • See for the ICAO chart which can be selected on the drop-down on the right.

Well, see you next Tuesday then!

VFR Tuesday Regions

(1) East Frisia and Netherlands
(2) Northern Germany and Denmark
(3) Rügen and Usedom
(4) Around Berlin
(5) Around Dresden
(6) Around Nuremberg
(7) Around Munich
(8) Lake Constance and Zurich
(9) Around Stuttgart
(10) Saarland
(11) Around Frankfurt
(12) Around Cologne
(13) Eastern Westphalia
(14) Northern Ruhr

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