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Gareth Moore 2012-08-21 13:05

SAG-TV Flights not listed (English)

First of all thanks for this software, great idea that I think many people get a lot of enjoyment out of... well done there!!!

I have been running SAG for a while now. I noticed that for the first week using it after a long break from flight sim that it worked perfectly.
My Flight Details showed up on the SAG-TV homepage with my Departure and Destination etc.
However more and more recently I have noticed that certain data (sometimes all) seems to be getting lost on the homepage.

For example some of my flights show me with the TWR symbol (on the ground) for the entire flight and when users click on my page it has no route data but gives altitude and speed data.

There is also an issue sometimes (becoming more frequent) that when I am on the ground and I start SAG capture my details will show on the SAG homepage until I send a Flight Plan, then my details seem to disappear although my direct link still functions normally, just minus the flight plan data on the right hand side.

I am running FS9 (updated) on Win7 with no fancy firewall stuff just good old AVG.

Is it possible this might be something to do with my router settings? The intermittent nature of the problems meant that I ruled that out as sometimes SAG works perfectly for my entire flight... however as I mentioned this is becoming less and less the norm.

Can anyone help me out with some troubleshooting options?

Kind regards,


note: All flights connected to VATSIM, my flight plan and all data are tracked by VATAWARE and SERVINFO in flight. At no time does my connection drop out etc.... I am familiar with SAG-TV not operating on the main page while not connected to the VATSIM network... I however... am, at all times!

Kai Klingenberg 2012-08-21 17:19

Please dont use single quotes in the remarks of your flightplan ;)


our script do filter these chars :D

Gareth Moore 2012-08-21 17:24

Many thanks Kai!

Kai Klingenberg 2012-08-21 17:30

checked and now it works

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