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Standard News 2015-02

Diese Mail ist von VATEUD gekommen.

I would like to inform you about a couple of news around our Division.

I am more than happy to see that our friends in Iceland have created a stable setup for their area. Therefore the area of the Iceland FIR (VATSIM Scandinavia, vACCSCA) does not longer need to be declared as Open Sky Area. I am quite sure that more and more pilots will take the chance to hop over the pond with a stop in e.g. BIKF Keflavik. Check out the airfields and service in Iceland, a real great area for challenging flights.

Thankfully, most of you have attended the meetings about the VATEUD division changes held in January. I think our discussions were quite fruitful and we certainly will continue with such meetings.

Small VACC’s
As I have mentioned on our meetings, the situation in the different areas of our Division are quite different. While the central areas (e.g. around VATSIM Germany) are prospering and see lots of traffic, other areas seem to have reduced their online availabilities.
In the next weeks, we will have a closer look on the numbers and stats of the vACC’s. Especially for the smaller and less developed areas, we might embed to strategies to combine vACC’s into a larger setup to reduce the local management work and gives more time for mentoring and increasing the number of active controllers. In VATEUD we have similar structures with a really well working VACCSCA and VATSIM Germany, both working with local regional groups but with one combined staff. I know there are a couple of sorrows about that step (especially when it comes to real world scenarios), but we are VATSIM; we don’t have a link to real world. Please talk to your neighbour VACC’s if such a setup would help you to fulfil the tasks.

Native language
I would like to remind you that native language barriers are no reason to block a VATSIM member from becoming a member of your vACC. I know this is a complicated step, but CoR doesn’t see such a barrier. According to that code, English is a must, but local languages are a "can". We are an international community and should open consequently our local groups. The only language requested by VATSIM is English. If this rule might create complications (e.g. not enough resources to do training in English and so on), please contact me and we will find solutions.
Furthermore: our local organizations are areas to collect local VATSIM members out of the area or interested in that area. With this, a local vACC is a place for all members in the area and not just for the controllers. So please: if you didn't do so before, try to create yourself a setup for our "just-flying"-Members. Your pilots are possibly your ATC guys and gals of tomorrow. A friendly embedding of pilots helps you to get also the traffic for your ATC trainings. You just have to ask…

Sector files
It is a real task for us all to create actual sector files for the ATC clients. Some vACC's and FIR's are already using the GNG Setup to create them. That setup is a web based service created by our friends in Switzerland. That system generates sector files for the different ATC clients. Furthermore, it is doing the necessary update service automatically. So, if a new AIRAC cycle comes alive, the system compiles the needed files. The system is officially supported by Aerosoft and works with their AIRAC data, based on real life setups used e.g. by DLH.
Please check if that setup is suitable to solve your tasks to generate latest sector files for your setup. It will take a bit of setting up things, but then the sectors are ready. Further details are here: and Nicolas Ammann (VATEUD ATC Team) surely helps with details.

Please make sure that pictures and other material published on your website is free of rights of third parties. In the last time we have seen some copyright protected material published in forums and websites. This is a high risk for the domain holder; he will be held responsible for this. The copyright protection laws in the European Union are quite dense. Also charts are not free. If they are published by your country services, simply refer to those pages or try to get in contact with the local ATC authorities (in VATSIM Germany and Austria - just to name two - the suppliers are really helpful).

To reach our new setup announced on our meetings in January, we have changed some functions and a lot of emails.
It is my pleasure to announce Andreas Dermitzakis, vACC Cyprus, as Deputy to the VATEUD director. In the last six months we have collaborated very intensively on the upcoming tasks and topics and I am more than happy to have him on my side. Andrea’s online callsign is VATEUD2.
After having a fast break from duties, i am very happy to see Laurent Laborde, vACC France back as Membership Manager of VATEUD. Laurent, welcome back.
To start our transition to a new structure in VATEUD, I am really happy to announce that Daniel Conrad, vACC Austria has taken over the function of the New-members Manager (acting) parallel to his tasks as Communications & Marketing team lead. Daniel, thank you very much.

New email contacts
With the change into our new structure, many contacts to staff and functions of VATEUD will change. Please have a look on the new contact list for VATEUD. All members of the staff are also reachable by private emails (e.g. However, for all requests, please choose the functional email-address.
Here is the list:

All email addresses are now activated. Inbound mails will be referred to the teams. With the launch, the old email-addresses (e.g. will be history. Again, you can reach every member in the staff by either their function email addresses or personally.

Sincerely yours,


Florian Harms
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