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Florian Harms 2015-01-28 21:10

We are looking for a Pilot Team
Fellow colleagues and flight enthusiasts,

We, the Europe Division of VATSIM, VATEUD are seeking for a great colleague taking over the pilots department. This is a new setup out of our pilots training setup. The new pilots team shall be the point of contact for all our flying members in the VATEUD area. Its work area is to support, inform, train and help. The team informs about developments, flyins, news and changes in the setup, inviting members to trainings and so on.

We are looking for a team creator, a friendly soul, real good working with members. You'll need to have and to create team spirit, able to inspire a group of friends working on the topics. And the topics are multiple, they reach as far as your imagination (and that of your team) reaches.

If you are interested in taking over a real challenge in a new setup for VATSIM, if you can be the inspirator of a new era in our VATSIM community, I would really like to get in contact with you.

If you think that task might be too big for you but you would like to bring yourself in, don't run away: we are looking for a good number of team members. Your tasks are also real multiple, from designing training contents via new media to explain the new members and trainees how a "real flight" works, creating nearly everything what our hobby stands for. Especially if you
have a trainer or teaching background, I really would like to welcome you on board. please drop me a line and tell me what you can do for our community.

Thats what the Flight Sim Community once started: having fun together and giving to the community. We want to get this activated again. So, if you asked yourself what you can bring in, here is your chance.

This is how to start spreading your ideas: drop me a mail with your ideas and your VATSIM ID to:


thank you.


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