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Alt 2013-05-15, 15:13   #41 (permalink)
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VATSIM Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)
Issued by Richard Jenkins (800012), 14-May-2013 18:26 UTC


VATSIM provides an excellent multiplayer environment that allows members to simulate many aviation related activities. Some of those activities involve military flights. Have you ever thought about learning to land on an aircraft carrier, do inflight refueling, fly the infamous Wales "Mach Loop", participate in coordinated exercises, or learn search and rescue techniques? You can learn all this and more from the 21 VATSIM certified Special Operations organizations. Please stop by these sites and see if this might be something you are interested in.

Virtual United States Navy -


Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya Virtual -

Virtual United States Air Force -

Simulated United States Air Force -

Aviación Naval Virtual de Chile -

USAF Virtual -

Virtual Air Force of Ukraine -

Fuerza Aérea Virtual de Chile -

Virtual Air Force of the Russian Federation -

Virtual NATO -

FABv (Virtual Brazilian Air Force) -

Virtual Royal Air Force -

Virtual Royal Netherlands Air Force -

Virtual United States Coast Guard -


Australian Army Virtual -



Nwag Ops -

RAAF Virtual -

__________________________________________________ __

This message was issued by a senior staff member in order to provide
information to enhance your enjoyment of VATSIM, of which you are a member.
If you no longer wish to be a member of VATSIM, please contact
the membership department - see for contact details.
Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. Frank Zappa
Gruss, Andreas | VATSIM Supervisor
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Alt 2013-05-19, 17:40   #42 (permalink)
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Standard VATSIM Global Conference Vienna 2014

VATSIM is proud to announce that Vienna, Austria
has been selected as the venue for the next
VATSIM Global Conference (W14).

Scheduled to take place 9 - 11 May 2014, the organizers have been
able to secure one of Vienna’s premier locations for this conference. The
main conference activities will be conducted from the comfort and luxury
of the Sky Stage and The Multimedia Stage at the prestigious venue
The Stage. The Stage offers breathtaking panoramic views, modern
architecture, excellent transport connections, state of the art technology
equipment and much more.

The conference includes a banquet awards-dinner on Saturday night within
the relaxing atmosphere of the "Luftburg" restaurant. It is situated in the
green heart of Vienna’s Prater, alongside its interesting and fun attractions
in the historic amusement park. The Luftburg is well known for its traditional
Austrian food and depending upon the weather, we may optionally dine
outside in the beautiful garden area or indoors within the comfortable
confines of the restaurant.

The team behind the organizing of this great event have been able to obtain
special rates at several of the major hotels in the area, all offering their own
level of comfort and service with excellent access to the conference venue.
Members wishing to attend the VATSIM Vienna (W14) global conference will
need to book their own accommodation, booking forms and web links to
suggested hotels can be found on the conference website,

The conference ticket includes lunch on Saturday, the Saturday evening
banquet, and transport from the Conference venue to the restaurant.
While participants will organise their own travel arrangements to/from
Vienna, with a 12-month period of advance notice they may benefit from
reduced pricing and options typically available through advance purchase
discounts. Full information on the conference package and agenda can be
found on the conference website

VATSIM members are warmly invited to meet new and old acquaintances,
to be entertained by lively conference presentations, hear the latest from
the Board of Governors, preview some of the newest products from our
sponsors, and enjoy much more during the weekend at “W14” ... but most
importantly, to join in this unique gathering of friends from our community.

We look forward to meeting everyone in Vienna, let’s bring the hills alive
with the sound of aviation simulation!

Steven Cullen
VATSIM President

Florian Harms
Direktor VATSIM Europe Division
"...sind wir nicht alle ein bisschen Bremen?"
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Alt 2014-11-01, 19:01   #43 (permalink)
Benutzerbild von Arne Hunsdiek
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Standard Using network Supervisors wisely

Zitat von Steven Cullen 841154
******Notice to all virtual Air Traffic Controllers******

Please use the Supervisor services wisely and for the purpose they are intended. Supervisors are not your personal security force, they are NOT here to remove someone at your desire.

If you have an issue that can not be sorted out civilly then by all means do make use of the supervisors, but please don't call more than one (1) supervisor to an issue, if they require assistance or advice they will know when and how to get it.

Calling me to "kick" someone will not result in an instant removal from the network, unless it is the appropriate course of action to take. I can safely say to you I (and the rest of the BoG) am/are most reluctant to remove members from the network and will offer the member every recourse available to see they learn (i) what the issue they may have caused was and (ii) to educate them on how to avoid the situation in the future, and please never call me or another Administrator to respond to the same issue you walloped a supervisor for, (unless no one answered), I/we are not going to over-ride their investigation or change the outcome because you did not like the result.

If you have an issue with the way a supervisor has treated you or you believe the outcome was not satisfactory then please email vpsup@, (, and it will be looked at.

I am not singling any one person or region out, it is for everyone's information and to promote the enjoyment of the network for all.

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