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MS Flight Simulator X Fragen zum Flugsimulator 10 von Microsoft

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Alt 2017-02-01, 10:09   #871 (permalink)
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Auch bei mir mit max. Speed geladen
Gruß Stefan
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Alt 2017-02-01, 18:04   #872 (permalink)
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Glaube bei PMDG sind die Server abgerraucht...
Wenige KB in 10 Minuten mit VDSL.
RG Düsseldorf
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Alt 2017-03-02, 22:19   #873 (permalink)
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In den nächsten Tagen gibt es ein Update der 747 und bald ebensolche für die 777 und 737 NG. PMDG nimmt das revolutionäre Micro-Update-System in Betrieb.
Over the next couple of days, we are going to begin the process of updating the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II product line with updates chock full of changes, improvements and fixes.

This update process is going to be a bit different than what you are used to- since you will be getting these updates from us directly via the Operations Center!

The long awaited micro-update capability that we have been working toward for the past couple of years is finally about to arrive, and we think it is going to completely change your relationship with your PMDG products.

In the past, we have had to update our products by pushing out new installers with all of the changes packed inside. This has required that every customer re-download the installer, soaking up as much as 1GB per update cycle, along with the associated cost of bandwidth and the inevitable risks of "oops... we need to update again because we goofed up on something minor..." This meant long waits for updates, some inflexibility in our update methodology, and an inability to react quickly to fixes that might have been simple for us to effect on our end.
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Alt 2017-03-02, 22:42   #874 (permalink)
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Da warte ich drauf seitdem ich das Wort Update in Zusammenhang mit der Flusimulation kenne.


Frankfurter Flusi-Stammtisch, mehr unter
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Alt 2018-01-28, 02:24   #875 (permalink)
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Neues Update zur 747-8:
Highlight: Es wird eine voll funktionsfähige EFB geben, die mit den Navigraph-Daten und später auch Aerosoft-Daten arbeitet.
Die P3D v. 4 Version hat einen speziellen Regeneffekt.
Und man arbeitet an einem "riesigen" neuen Projekt.
Starting on the Captain’s side of the cockpit- we have the long-asked-for Electronic Flight Bag. The PMDG EFB will debut in the 747-8, and eventually work its way into other airframes as well. To start with, it offers a range of performance calculations for the 747-8 airplane, and can be used to customize your speeds and settings based upon weights, locations, conditions and any inoperable equipment on the airplane that may impact your takeoff or landing performance.

The Boeing EFB is a fairly utilitarian device. It gives you performance computations, which we have modeled, and it gives you some very limited flight planning capability, as well as some other flight related functions. It will be interesting for simmers primarily in that this device will give the serious simmer reason to think through the things that impact your takeoff and landing. Runway conditions are usually the first thing to think of, but there are other performance factors to consider as well- and the EFB will walk you through them.

For those wondering about the EFB in other products: The EFB is highly customized to each airframe and requires a huge amount of data input. We anticipate that it will eventually appear in the 747-400, the 777 and the NG3, but it will not happen quickly as the amount of data required for these computations takes a HUGE amount of time to collect and make digestible for the process. It is unlikely we will make it available in NGX, since that product will be updated to NG3.

An important piece that the EFB brings to the table is displayed on the Navigation Display in this image: The airport position map! No longer will you need to get lost on the airport surface, as all you need to do is dial in the range on your navigation display and you will find the airport located there, moving in real time with the position of your airplane.

This style of ground location awareness has become a key factor in reducing runway incursions during the past five years, and I am a **huge** fan of this device in the real world. (I will not move an airplane off the blocks without it. It is THAT important to safety.) The really nice thing about our implementation of this capability is that using many of the same techniques employed by the airplane’s data process, we are able to give you a dynamic, real-time implementation of the airport surface map with virtually no impact on frame rates. (This took a significant amount of work by Michael Frantzeskakis- so if you see him in person, pat him on the back.) We developed a number of proprietary capabilities for this display feature that I don’t want to get into just yet- but suffice to say we have succeeded in most of the strategic goals we set for this capability in terms of making it a “hands off” capability that requires very little if any customer involvement in order to work with whatever array of default and add-on scenery you might have installed.

For those wondering about ND airport mapping on the ND in other products: The ground mapping capability will appear in the NG3.0 as well, since that airplane uses the same technology by default.

Next up, we have the copilot’s side of the flight deck, displaying the Vertical Situation Display for the departure profile out of LSZH. The VSD was present in the NGX, and it is a key terrain awareness feature that was built into the 747-8 by default as well. This is a great tool to have open when flying arrivals into places such as Anchorage, AK or any other airport surrounded by cumulous-granitus, as it will give you a very clear picture of your relationship with the surrounding terrain.

On the far right, you can see another goody that we have been quietly keeping under wraps: Navigation Charts!

For years users have heard me mention that the primary reason we haven’t bothered to tackle creation of an EFB is that there was no useful resource of navigation charts that would support such an endeavor, and thus the development time was best spent someplace else. Back in 2016, we began to work with our friends over at Navigraph to see if we couldn’t find a reasonable source for navigation data to handle our airport ground map on the navigation display- and this led to a wide ranging discussion that at times involved PMDG, Navigraph, Jeppesen and Boeing as we searched for ways to obtain data for our ground mapping without having to pass on massive licensing fees to users. Through those conversations, and an ongoing discussion about how we will be improving the nav-data capability of all PMDG products, Magnus and Richard invited us to integrate their charting solution directly into our new EFB capability- and it resulted in this: A seamless integration of their navigation charts (which, importantly, are licensed directly by Jeppesen, one of the world’s most recognized names in aviation charting!) that you can use, in real time, while flying, simply by connecting (via our EFB) to your Navigraph charting subscription!

We think you will find this to be an incredibly useful function, with a significant amount of work put into smooth panning, zooming and page changing as needed. (We have actually improved upon the actual EFB’s functionality here- but please don’t tell Boeing… we wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings…)

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Alt 2018-01-28, 10:48   #876 (permalink)
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Ich frage mich da, ob die Moving Map im ND auch über die Navigraph Subscription läuft oder separat. So richtig geht das ja nicht aus dem Post raus.
Wer aufhört, sich selbst verbessern zu wollen, hat aufgehört, gut zu sein.

Ich bin nicht komisch - das nennt man LIMITED EDITION!

Meine Flugstatistik
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Alt 2018-01-28, 10:49   #877 (permalink)
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Ich vermute dass PMDG da einen ähnlichen Weg wie QW geht und die moving map auf AFCAD daten vom Sim basiert - was ja bekanntlich auch viele Nachteile hat. aber lassen wir uns überraschen

Dieser Beitrag wurde maschinell erstellt und ist ohne Unterschrift gültig.
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Alt 2018-05-13, 02:30   #878 (permalink)
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Erstes Cockpit-Video der 747-8.
Vor allem geht es um das EFB.
Die Daten für die moving map im ND scheinen, wie Florian vermutet hat, aus dem Afcad zu stammen.
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